Sunday, February 12, 2012

Summit: Our fears for Nigeria, Ezeife, Olu Falae, others speak

11 February 2012


Jonathan’s presidency will transform Nigeria  -   Ezeife

The situation of Nigeria is so bad and it has been bad continuously.  We have never had a leader whether in military of civilian who had a craving for the economic development of Nigeria.

No Nigerian leader has recognised the largest black African nation on earth in order to put Nigeria among the respected nations in the world in the interest of all the black people in the world. But I said, I felt the hand of God in the emergence of Jonathan.

Whatever really comes out of this arrangement is divine and I consider it the manifest destiny of Jonathan presidency to transform Nigeria into a nation where things work and not a ship wreck.  And to make Nigeria to work, the 36 states are inconsistent with making Nigeria work economically.

At the begining, we were regions and we were competing, though we cannot talk about regional government now, but we can talk about zonal governments.  Right now, we have six-geopolitical zones.

We can become the six federating units. 

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