Sunday, February 12, 2012

Facebook From: President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Facebook From: President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
11 February 2012

Last May I signed the Freedom of Information Bill into an Act. This piece of legislation has been long time coming. On the occassion of the signing I stated my "commitment to run a transparent, open, sincere and accountable government" within the rule of law and the protection of our common destiny. In taking the commitment of transparency to heart I gave my word to the Nigerian people that this administration would put in place policies, institutions and structures so as to ensure transparency in every sphere of our governance trajectory. I believe that the mandate Nigerians gave to me following the election that was acclaimed by both local and international observers as well as a majority of the Nigerian people as free, fair and transparent is to do all within my constitutional powers for the good of our country.

My dear friends on facebook, this administration has commenced a series of reforms in many areas including agriculture, power, energy, security, education among others and I want to specially request your support in prayers so as to ensure the success of these initiatives. Regardless of the orchestrated distraction, I will continue to place national interest above partisan politics for it is not about Goodluck Jonathan as an individual it is about Nigeria in the collective. It is not only about the present it is also very clearly, about our future too. I want to call on all those who may continue to view issues only from the prisms of partisan politics to take a break.

Election campaigns are over, it is the season to deliver on good governance. In all the areas we have slated for reforms, we have, regardless of party, ideology or other interest, assembled and will continue to do so, very distinguished men and women of outstanding pedigree to carry out assignments in our nations interest. We must reward and call to service excellence and patriotism at all times. GEJ

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