Saturday, July 30, 2011

Press Release - Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Port Harcout


Jonathan’s 6 Year Single Term: Licence To Impunity, Corruption and  Cronyism

IHRHL is most concerned about President Goodluck Jonathan’s very disturbing misplacement of national policy priority, by way of his intention to place his first critical  Bill before the 7th National Assembly, on the subject of a 6 Year Single Term for the President and governors of the federal republic.  Whether he benefits from the same or not is not the issue, but clearly signals a conspiracy between himself, governors and some key members of the national assembly that is bent on live membership of the House. It is probably part of a secret election support pact, since the public, other political parties, were not given an opportunity to debate such subject of national importance. The real issue is that there is nothing transformational about this bill, for a President that tied his electioneering campaign on transforming and leading a new Nigeria. This bill is an unambiguous  licence for impunity, corruption and cronyism  – indeed bad governance.
IHRHL calls on Mr. President and his co-conspirators, to show leadership in fighting the scourge of corruption, failed leadership and moral blindness which is what majority of Nigerians associated and understands to be the meaning of his so-called transformation agenda. A death-nail on the level of primitive stealing of public resources by public officials in the country would not only save Nigeria enough money to forthrightly engage on sustainable development and human security  activities for  the peoples; but provide resources to run present terms of elections, under a regime where fraudulent campaign finance, and other negative vices of our electoral processes will be effectively and efficiently checked by an independent and objective election management body. The administration should spare more effort, therefore, in consolidating the gains of the last April elections by engaging in necessary fundamental reforms as provided by the Uwais Committee, rather than chasing shadows.

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