Monday, February 20, 2012

Hell, What Is SNC?

20 February 2012

SAM NDA-ISAIAH The Monday Column - Last Word

...Let me start straightaway by declaring that I totally agree that the current structure of the country’s administration needs to be tweaked for better efficiency and prosperity. For instance, we must sit down and ask ourselves why it is so easy for incumbents to rig elections and why votes don’t count. Could that be one of the reasons why there is violence everywhere? We also need to know why the nation could not invoke Section 144 of the constitution when it was very obvious that the then President Yar’Adua had met all the conditions for the invocation of the section. Are there reasons why we take the trust of governance so lightly? We must also sit down to discuss, for instance, why a President Obasanjo could impose a sick and terminally-ill candidate on his party and subsequently on the nation and no single person was able to stop him, even though every single person agreed that the former president’s action endangered the nation. Why was it that when Obasanjo started constituting himself into a national security risk, we all just sat hopelessly watching him achieve his whims?

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