Thursday, November 10, 2011

YOBE BOMB BLAST: CPs face dismissal for negligence

9 November 2011

ABUJA— Indications emerged yesterday that heads may roll among the top brass of the Nigeria Police, especially in the North-East, following their inability to prevent weekend’s bloody attacks that claimed over 100 lives and property worth hundreds of millions of naira.

This indication emerged just as a security source informed Vanguard that the Boko Haram sect members originally planned to bomb the headquarters of the Joint Task Force “Operation Safe Heaven’ to send a message that JTF cannot save Borno State from their activities.

According to the source, a truck carrying the Boko Haram sect members and their explosives was sighted early last Friday, November 4, close to the Gombe/Yobe border, obviously on its way to Maiduguri. But once it became obvious to the bombers that their mission may have been unearthed, they made a detour to Yobe State.

On entering Yobe State, security agencies including Mobile Police personnel and other security operatives opened fire on the truck and injured some of the sect members. The truck was said to have continued its movement with the occupants shooting sporadically along the road at any Police checkpoint or security personnel they met on the road until they got to the city centre.

At the city centre, they commenced throwing of bombs at any notable government structure and churches they met on the way before the truck was said to have gone up in explosion following a counter attack from security agencies that had become effectively mobilized.

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