Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why Bayelsans are backing Sylva, by Tabai

The Nation
3 November 2011

Why Bayelsans are backing Sylva, by Tabai

Why do you think Sylva should be given return ticket?
 Bayelsans know the situation of their state before Sylva came on the saddle. Nigerians are aware of the problems in the Niger Delta, illegal oil bunkering, kidnapping and other forms of crime. Those who perpetrated these crimes had Bayelsa as their base. They almost crippled the state. Within a short period of time, Sylva has turned things around in the state. Those who are seeking power in the state today know that this is a man who came and said there will be peace and today there is peace. Despite all the problems Sylva had with some people who never wanted peace in the state, there is peace today in Bayelsa State. Sylva is focused, he is determined to develop the state, he is a man of peace and the people of the state love him.

Where is the opposition against him coming from if he is so loved by his people?
 Whatever opposition you hear today is not opposition from Bayelsans. It’s opposition by those who want to be governor at all cost; it is opposition from do-or-die politicians, those who want power for its sake. There is really no opposition against the governor, the noise you hear is from those who want to heat up the state for their selfish end. But the governor has thrown a challenge to them for an open debate.

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