Saturday, October 15, 2011

Militants give northerners ultimatum to quit N’Delta

National Mirror
13 October 2011

 ...say Boko Haram’s activities are anti-Jonathan

Militant groups in Niger Delta have ordered northerners domiciled in the region to leave within seven days. The group, under aegis of the Egbesu Mightier Fraternity of Izon, in a statement by the four commanders of the Joint Revolutionary Council, namely, Commander Okiki Kene, Gen. Okin Sele, Gen. Korumah and Gen. Abu Mic, said they were been compelled to issue the ultimatum by the bombing activities of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

The statement, titled ‘Leave our land now within seven days’, which was addressed to the Muslim community in the Niger Delta, reads: “We are compelled by the present Boko Haram merciless bombing in the country, without verifiable developmental agitation. “Even now, there are killings going on in the North. The continuous killings of Christians in the North are unbearable to us now. Boko Haram has been planting bombs around churches and other places with clusters of the innocent.

“Its wild excesses are essentially a reaction to the presidential ascendancy of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. If we are actually one Nigeria, why won’t we allow other geo-political zone to rule the country?Saudi Arabia is the centre of Islamic faith, yet, there are no single killing of Christian faithful in that country. Why all these killing of innocent citizens in reaction to Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential victory? “With this trend, we can’t live together. Leave Niger Delta now.

Your failure to leave at the expiration of this letter, we’ll start to kill any muslim we see in the Niger Delta region. “No section of this country is an embodiment of killing others. Muslims can’t live in our land freely (Niger Delta), while Boko Haram will be killing our people in their land. This is our message, If you like stay and test our ultimatum and see what will happen.”

The group reiterated its bloody past and threatened to shed blood again, if compelled to do so by those who refused to heed its quit order. “We have tasted bloody war during the days of our agitation for equal rights. Members of Boko Haram live among you and pray in the same mosques. So, you can’t claim that you don’t know where they are. “The truth is that no dispensation will ever be good in Nigeria, except from Muslim North. The North is out to fight the President with the Islamic sect. Enough is enough with this sect.”

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