Sunday, September 4, 2011

‘Thousands of people attacked us at Jos Eid ground’

Daily Trust
3 September 2011

For many who trooped to the Rukuba Road Eid ground to observe the Eid-el-Fitr prayer following the completion of Ramadan fasting, thoughts of their encounter will forever be engraved in their minds. Over a dozen of people who went to Rukuba road Eid ground were killed when they were invaded by assailants armed with machetes, cutlasses and stones. Children were also said to have perished in the attack.
Alhaji Bala Musa was among the people that went to the Eid ground to observe the Eid prayer. According to him, he was among the first people who went to the place on that fateful day. “As we usually do every year after fasting, the deputy National Chairman, Sheikh Sa’id Hassan Jingir delivered his lecture before National Chairman, Sheikh Muhammad Sani Yahya Jingir, came to deliver his. After that, he asked of the Chief Imam, who was supposed to lead the prayer, but was told that he was absent.”

According to Musa, the Chief Imam did not arrive, so Sheikh Jingir led the prayer. Musa had earlier heard whisperings that youths have blocked the road leading to the mosque and as a result the Chief Imam and many people were prevented from reaching the mosque. So word was passed to Sheikh Sani Yahya to end the lecture and lead the prayer due to the disturbing news. “Even while we were praying, some of the Christian youths within the vicinity of the Eid ground were throwing stones and shooting arrows into the direction of the worshippers,” Musa said.

Even with about 20 armed soldiers and policemen within the vicinity, Musa said the youths, including women, kept throwing stones

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