Thursday, September 22, 2011

Local Content War in Niger Delta, Group Mobilises Women

Akanimo Reports
22 September 2011

The relative peace in the Niger Delta, Nigeria's main oil and gas basin, will soon be shattered following renewed unease over how oil majors are allegedly treating the local content policy of the Federal Government. The amnesty programme of government being executed by Mr. Kingsley Kuku, has brought peace in the region and increased oil production of around two million barrels a day.

An aggrieved group is currently mobilising women for a renewed war in the volatile oil region. They are aiming at around 500,000 women. So far, they have gotten some 200,000. The aim of the current war plan is to cripple the operations of oil majors in the region due to their alleged subversion of the Local Content Act.

The arrowhead of the current battle is the Niger Delta Indigenous Movement for Radical Change (NDIMRC). Their struggle will take the form massive protest against the major oil companies, particularly the Anglo-Dutch Oil and gas giant, Shell

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