Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nigerians in U.S. fault single tenure bill

2 August 2011

UNITED States (U.S.)-based Nigerians have condemned the proposed single tenure bill that President Goodluck Jonathan announced last week, as a New York based pro-democracy group, the Nigeria Democratic Liberty Forum (NDLF), expressed shock over the idea yesterday.

In a statement on the proposal, the NDLF, which hosts the Nigeria Peoples Parliament in the U.S. said it received the news “with consternation,” calling it “a tenure elongation gimmick of President Goodluck.”

Taking on the president on his justification for the proposal, the U.S.-based group said it was needless to state “that the temptation to elongate tenure has been a recurring decimal in the annals of misgovernance in Nigeria but strikingly the failure of those who embark(ed) on this treacherous route to learn from history is exasperating.”

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