Wednesday, August 31, 2011

N/Delta group warns foreign firms over alleged sharp practices

30 August 2011

LAGOS—A pressure group, Niger Delta Peace Ambassadors for Sustainable Development, NDPASD, has warned foreign and construction firms as well as  supermarkets owned by Lebanese nationals, which allegedly engage in dubious practices to stop or face sanctions.

The group frowned at the  attitude of the foreign firms towards indigenous workers on construction sites and factories across the country.

NDPASD said in a statement by its spokesman, Chief Amakivi Amakosu, that the affected firms and supermarkets should stop such acta and embrace good corporate practices as a way of reciprocating the kind gesture of Nigerians.

Amakosu accused the foreign firms of poaching on local contractors in the areas of project execution and workforce, which according him had drastically affected the efficiency of the local contractors.

He said: “We will no longer tolerate acts of sabotage on the part of the Lebanese firms and other foreign companies in the construction business and manufacturing companies, which always want the local and indigenous contractors to play second fiddle in terms of government patronage both at the federal and state levels.

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