Monday, August 1, 2011

The Ramadan Season

31 July 2011

Editor Opinion

TODAY’S commencement of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan opens another vista for all Nigerian Muslims to rededicate themselves to the cause of Allah.  This necessarily will entail service and devotion to humanity, as these are essential ingredients to Islam as a religion.


... the Ramadan challenges many leaders of government at every level, who profess to peace, but actually instigate violence on the people through their acts of corruption, stealing of public funds, nepotism, bribery, greed and mismanagement of the people’s resources.  Their sin before Allah is probably more hideous.  But they also have a golden opportunity from now to repent and change their ways permanently for good.

Indeed, many petty crimes today are traceable to acts of commission or omission by leaders, which acts result into poverty, penury, unemployment, ill-health, frustration and lack of education for the masses.  These acts amount to wickedness bordering on injustice and insensitivity on the part of the leaders concerned. Under strict Islamic principle and Natural laws, leaders whose acts force citizens to commit crime stand liable for the sins of the criminal.

Ultimately therefore, the challenge of Ramadan is for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to nurture the peaceful atmosphere of Ramadan beyond the month.  They need to sustain the peaceful environment to development.  Certainly this country can do with a respite from the torrents of man-made problems successively afflicting it.

The opportunity provided by Ramadan should be utilized fully, in prayer, supplication and seeking the divine favour of God, to rid the country of the ills plaguing it, and to reverse its failing status.

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