Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Education Is Freedom

Daily Champion
30 August 2011

Timipre Sylva


I AM, indeed proud, to be part of this honour to the memory of the great Ijaw son, Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. I am glad not merely because of the amazing boost which this reunion brings to our sense of history and self- esteem as a people anywhere in the world, but I rejoice as a democrat that the dawn of democracy in our country has given vigour to our abiding struggle against those things that have hurt our collective respect.

I will not fail to thank you for the choice of an inspiring theme for this celebration: "Ijaw Nation: A Time to Reflect". It is very apt and timely in our national life today.

As a people, there are a whole lot of things we need to reflect upon. The past few years have been very momentous for us. Things have happened so fast that it is tempting to just f low along with the tide of events without stopping to critically reflect on our development and decide if we are on the right path to sustainable growth and glory.

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