Friday, July 15, 2011

Nigeria’s Oil & Gas – Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, For The Jobless

10 July 2011

Written by Godwin J. Igwe, Ph.D., P.E.    

Dear Mr. President, distinguished members of the Nigeria National Assembly and Senate (NASS), and the Nigerian National Press: Time waits for nobody, and four years will soon come and go. Please consider this my proposal and contribution to some of the other ideas you will no doubt be receiving, regarding the joblessness of Nigerian citizens. A long view of legacy is needed for sober and temperate analysis of the problem facing our  country.  This aforementioned problem is not something that has not visited this world before. 

For a blueprint of an effective solution, I humbly suggest that you attempt to implement what the United States President, Franklin Roosevelt, did during his First 100 days of office.  He created an employment program that formed the engine of the infrastructure-directed economic recovery that led the American nation out of the Great Depression. 

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