Friday, July 15, 2011

'My Bomb is Bigger Than Yours!'

Daily Trust
11 July 2011

Wole Olaoye


May there always be elders in the land to speak up in times of socio-political uncertainties. May it not be said of our society: "Woe to that land whose elders are children". One of the reasons that Providence has spared the lives of the elderly is to make them signposts for humankind. The young and the not-so-young are enriched when they drink from the fount of the wisdom of the aged.

Last week, elder statesman, political icon and former federal minister Shetima Ali Monguno CFR, broke the conspiracy of silence by the elite over the spate of bombings in the land and warned that it was a foreboding pointer to the dismemberment of the nation and destruction of the values held dear by the people. According to him, "The situation in Borno particularly in Maiduguri today, is worse than what we witnessed during the civil war"

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