Monday, July 25, 2011

Bureaucracy vs Quick Impact in Niger Delta

Daily Champion
20 July 2011

Ifeatu Agbu

President Goodluck Jonathan told Nigerians in his inaugural speech that "the time for lamentation is over." In his view, we are in the era of transformation and that calls for urgent action on all fronts of our national life. The President added a caveat though. He said that "Nigeria can only be transformed if we all play our parts with commitment and sincerity."

Obviously, the President would want to leave an enduring legacy by the time he finishes his tenure in 2015. To do this, however, he has to rely on his ministers, aides and a whole gamut of workers in the civil service. Unfortunately, we have a civil service system that is anything but efficient and result-oriented. So, it wouldn't surprise anyone if the President's transformational agenda is scuttled before it sets sail.

Perhaps, the President anticipates this and has, therefore, launched a pre-emptive strike. He charged his new ministers to gird their loins for an all out war against corruption, describing it as a monster that must be confronted and defeated.

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