Sunday, March 4, 2012

The tragic life of James Ibori

Nigerian Village Square
2 March 2012

By Levi Obijiofor

NIGERIA scored a top mark in international notoriety this week when former Delta State Governor James Onanefe Ibori pleaded guilty in a London court to money laundering charges and other offences related to fraud. It is not often that we find one of our high profile politicians held, tried and convicted in a foreign land. More tellingly, it is not often that we find an ostentatious politician step out to admit early in his corruption trial that he was guilty as charged. This is why we must pity Ibori who, we must be frank here, did what many previous governors did but ended with his nose bloodied and his reputation shredded.

Ibori must take the blame for digging and falling into his own grave. ..

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