Sunday, March 18, 2012

Senator: National conference inevitable

The Nation
15 March 2012

Ewherido Senator Pius Akpor Ewherido, who represents Delta Central Senatorial District, is the only Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) Senator. Ewherido, Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Maritime, speaks on the implications of the Boko Haram insurgency, the difference between Boko Haram sect and Niger Delta militants, the need for a unicameral legislature  and the clamour  for a national conference. Assistant Editor ONYEDI OJIABOR captures his thoughts in this interview.

The country is faced with se rious security challenges. The impression of most Nigerians is that Boko Haram fundamentalists have virtually destroyed the economy of Northern Nigeria?

Of course that view is correct because nobody will invest in an atmosphere of insecurity. Recall that during the Niger Delta crisis when the militants took over the entire rivers and oil installations, investors had no option but to move away from the Niger Delta area. Even though, then, the militants targeted only oil installations and not human beings, today the Boko Haram targets human beings.

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  1. Senators and other politicians usually make a lot of statements and all kinds of promises, of which only a little bit true and is true... Here, for example, evidence of the falsity of politicians: Senator Uche Chukwumerije Lies And Believe In Cheating Other Nigerian , Why? - do you believe at least one policy?