Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oil Cuts As Delta Erupts

Africa Confidential
16 March 2012


As the government contends with a Boko Haram militia determined to make the north ungovernable, a new round of attacks has erupted in the oil-producing Niger Delta.

Apart from the financial damage of a new Delta crisis, it adds to the government's credibility problem. As a government led by Niger Deltans, it was expected to pacify and then start developing the region.

Addressing the ecological and socio-economic devastation in the Delta would realistically take decades; local communities expect their government to make palpable progress with investment and job programmes. There is little sign of that happening

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  1. What a pity that such news more and more often appear on the Internet. All the same ecology in the last few years need special support from the people, it should be protected. You can say your opinion.. but in one of the news on this site had a similar news... I wonder why this problem is not reduced