Sunday, March 18, 2012

Niger Delta groups flay Boko Haram

The Nation
14 March 2012

Two groups, United Niger Delta Energy Development and Security Strategy (UNDESS) and Coalition of Niger Delta Ethnic Nationalities have flayed members of Boko Haram sect over its alleged threat to sack Christians from the North, saying that, constitutionally, Nigeria still remains a secular state.

The groups urged responsible leaders and men of goodwill in the North to persuade the sect to desist from the “inglorious mission”, warning that the islamisation of the country is illusory.

UNDEDS General Secretary Tony Uranta, who spoke on behalf of the groups, emphasised that the sect’s sporadic bombings have lent credence to the repeated clamour for a Sovereign National Conference (SNG), which proper goal has been misinterpreted by some leaders.

He said: “Even, the legitimate bid by Boko Haram not to be forced to have western style of life can only be peacefully accomodated in a new Nigeria heralded by a Peoples National Conference and Peoples Constitution. The Boko Haram is the biggest threat to Nigeria’s unity today. But I know they will listen to northern leaders”.

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