Sunday, March 11, 2012

NDDC: We’ve Learnt a Lot from Mistakes of the Past

9 March 2012

Christian Oboh, managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, speaks with Godfrey Azubike, staff writer, on the priorities of the new management of the commission. Excerpts:

Newswatch: What is going to be the focus of this administration?

Oboh:  When we came on board, we found out that there are so many projects that are littered all over the region. Our focus will be to ensure that we complete as many projects as possible within the time limit that we have. We are going to do this by first of all changing our budgeting processes. We found out that we just award projects and during budgeting, projects are not provided for and are, therefore, not properly funded. We are going to change our style of funding. We are also going to change our style of service delivery. Contractors would be given projects that have specifications, and we are also going to ensure that those projects would be effectively supervised and then God willing ,we will have projects that bear the name of the NDDC between November and December this year.

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