Sunday, March 18, 2012

'Generator Repair and Maintenance Is Lucrative'

14 March 2012

By Gabriel Ewepu


Many young people are wasting their time waiting for white collar jobs which are scarce to come by, and they have failed to acquire skills in other profitable business ventures. Mr Osai Kingsley Chiwogwu is one young enterprising Nigerian who speaks on his technical job with GABRIEL EWEPU.

It is a reality in Nigeria that white collar jobs are like scarce commodities, as the numbers of applicants are more than the vacancies declared. Unfortunately, many young people are sitting idle and waiting for the door of white collar jobs to open, while other doors of opportunity to make their dreams come through are wide open for them. Rather they ignore it because they refer to it as menial jobs.

Some wise and industrious young Nigerians who have the vision for their future have chosen to key into such windows of opportunities to make life comfortable for themselves despite the challenges inherent. One of such visionary young Nigerians is Mr Osai Kingsley Chiwogu.

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