Sunday, March 11, 2012

Derivation: Controversy steers Nigeria towards national confab

10 March 2012

BY CLIFFORD NDUJIHE, Deputy Political Editor

AFTER years of opposition and or evasive action by the government, especially in the last 13 years, convocation of a national conference for Nigerians to discuss the basis of their continued association is gradually becoming unavoidable. 

Years of neglect of the agricultural sector that sustained the country’s economy for over 60 years before crude oil took over, over dependence on crude oil, ongoing furore over sharing of the 13 per cent derivation to oil and minerals producing areas and the Boko Haram insurgency among others, have pushed agitation for Sovereign National Conference (SNC) to the front burner.

Although, the government has consistently opposed the idea of SNC on the grounds that you cannot have two sovereignties in a nation and the National Assembly insists that it can address defects in the 1999 Constitution, unfolding events in the country indicate that a confab is inevitable.

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