Monday, February 6, 2012

Whose Attack?: A Comment

Reading the preceding statements, these are new “voices.” The persona of "Jomo Gbomo" has been  highjacked by spokesmen whose political agenda is clearly not to advance the future of the Niger Delta.  Real mischief is afoot here. Who is behind these statements and the attack that preceded them?  Disaffected claimants to “ex-militant” status who have been agitating to be registered for the Amnesty since it was officially closed? Political opponents to the Jonathan administration? Last week an opinion press article critical of Jonathan (is the government competent?) was posted on the purported M.E.N.D website, raising similar questions.

Note also the differences in email addresses in the two statements.  The spokesman announcing two Agip pipeline attacks, one on 4 February 2012 and a prior on March 16 2011 seems to be affiliated with the same “MEND” address.  The most recent “clarification” to JTF statements on Feb. 6 is from a different email account.

6 Feb 2012 Jomo Gbomo <> Clarification

4 Feb 2012  Jomo Gbomo <>   Agip pipeline attack

Sept 26 2011 :Jomo Gbomo <>

Aug 24 2011 Jomo Gbomo <>

March 16 2011 : Jomo Gbomo <>  earlier Agip pipeline
March 14 Jomo Gbomo <> 

Jan 29, 2011 Jomo Gbomo  

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