Sunday, February 12, 2012

Update -Riot in Onitsha: policeman shot & killed a bus driver

Note: This report reveals a sad case of ethnic hositlity fueled by erroneous rumor.  See previous post.
9 February 2012


FROM Emeka Ral: As regards the shooting and eventual death of a bus driver in Onitsha today, there's been a whole lot of misinformation. I had gone to Osha early today for some transactions. Between 10.30 am and 11, I was done with
 my transactions at main market and was set to leave the market. I decided to walk away from the roudiness around the market area and then pick a byke.
Along New Market road, a byke which was chasing after a commercial vehicle and suddenly overtook the vehicle and parked in front of it. Before long, the police man on the byke got down and soon afterwards, pulled his gun and shot the bus driver to death.
Seeing the charged situation amongst the passengers and other people around, he got on another byke and left the scene, along with his officer colleagues. From the conversation between the officer and the driver, the officer is Igbo and not a northerner is is being rumoured.

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