Friday, February 24, 2012

Re - 20 Killed As JTF Purses Boko Haram

Daily Trust
24 February 2012

By Umaru Haruna Usman
The front-page photo caption of the Daily Trust of last Tuesday tells a lot about how security agents deal with current challenges. It also shows that it is time for the Nigerian authorities to change tactics and strategies in their efforts to contain the rising security challenges engulfing the nation. They should employ new and sophisticated means, coupled with civil approach, to succeed.
The current stop-and-search at multiple checkpoints has so far proved ineffective if not counterproductive in view of the daily bombings, armed robberies, kidnapping and economics sabotages happening in quick succession across the country.
At the checkpoints innocent people are subjected to various forms of humiliation, brutalization and extortions by security agents. Motorcyclists are forced to dismount and drag their machines while their passengers have to raise their hands up to pass through. Women, old and sick people are not exempted. The security agents are treating the people as war conquered captives who have lost their citizens' rights and privileges.
This cruel measure has no apparent strategy other than humiliating poor and weak people.

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