Sunday, February 26, 2012

Northern Coalition Charts Fresh Course

25 February 2012

Northern elders and political leaders have thrown their weight behind mounting calls for the restructuring of Nigeria to address the lopsidedness in the nation’s politics and economy.

Many individuals and groups in the country have lately renewed their agitation for the convocation of a sovereign national conference to address perceived injustice as well as the economic and political backwardness of some of the regions in the country.

But the majority of the members of the National Assembly, particularly those from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, have flayed the call for the conference, saying that it is unnecessary since a democratic regime is already in place.
But the different interest groups in the north, including politicians, businessmen and academics, who met in Abuja yesterday under the aegis of Coalition of Concerned Northerners, hinted that they would support restructuring of the country with the hope that lopsidedness in the nation’s politics and economy would be at the front burner of the discussions.

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