Friday, February 24, 2012

Deprivation & Derivation Principles: Why The North Is Poor (I)
24 February 2012

Written by Ross Alabo-George    
In 2008 the 18.97m people who lived in the six states in the north-east received on average N1,156 per person.

"By contrast Rivers state was allocated N3,965 per capita, and on average the oil producing South- South region received on average N3,332 per capita. This imbalance is compounded when the cost of an amnesty programme for militants in the delta is included together with an additional 1 per cent for a special development body for the Niger Delta. To boot, the theft of oil by profiteers in the region diverts tens of millions more weekly from federal coffers." – Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

Yes, forget these per capita figures! I agree the North is poor. Yes, I agree the poverty has bred millions of destitutes, who have become instant and easy recruits for Boko Haram. But my question is: Who impoverished the North?

Read on for the answer(s)...

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