Friday, February 10, 2012

How I will rebuild Bayelsa – Dickson

8 February 2012

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP candidate for this Saturday’s governorship election in Bayelsa State Barrister Serikae Dickson was unveiled to the electorate last Friday in the state capital, Yenogoa. Following the formal presentation of the party flag, the candidate sat down with a group of visiting journalists during which he responded to issues arising from his candidacy and also articulated his plans for the state. Excerpts:

How the restoration movement begun and what has it been able to achieve so far?
We have been in the restoration movement for a number of months. What was seen today was an example of what we started in a very humble way months back.

It is very remarkable. It is such a remarkable campaign of ideas. It is remarkable because of our abhorrence of violence. Since we started the campaign the level of violence, even in this state has come down. There was sensitization, instruction and education here and there. The people you saw at the rally were not a paid crowd. We are going through a transitional phase. The people came out by themselves.


You have claimed that your mission is restoration. What are you restoring?
Restoration means restoring the lost glory. There was glory. It was lost at a time and we are now restoring it. The components of the restoration agenda are many. We don’t really have time. What I will not fail to do is the priority, education we have in the restoration agenda. As I mentioned at the rally it is the most important challenge facing this society.

This society unknown to many is actually sitting on a time bomb. Not just Bayelsa State so many states in the Niger Delta. There are so many places, so many societies, you can’t even go there. They have lost those communities and so many generations of young people to illiteracy, wrong and unproductive education and unemployment. We are going to massively tackle that in a revolutionary manner. And then invest in human capital development.

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