Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Henry Okah’s trial delayed until October

Washington Post (AP)
31 Janaury 2012

A Nigerian terror suspect already jailed more than a year will remain in jail another eight months before his trial starts in South Africa, a judge ruled Monday. Henry Okah’s trial had been scheduled to start Monday. Instead of starting their arguments, prosecutor Shaun Abrahams and defense attorney Rudi Krause told Judge Geraldine Borchers they had agreed to ask for a postponement until Oct. 1. No reason was given, and the judge granted the request.Okah, who was in court wearing a dark suit, took the news calmly. He has complained about conditions in jail and tried unsuccessfully to get judges to grant him bail in lengthy hearings over the last year. Okah was arrested in South Africa, where he had been living for months, soon after deadly bombings in Nigeria’s capital during Oct. 1, 2010 independence celebrations. He has denied involvement, and says he is not a member of the militant group the Nigerian government blames for bombings and widespread unrest in the delta.

Okah is being tried under South African anti-terror legislation.

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