Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dealing with the many faces of Boko Haram

Daily Trust
10 February 2012

Written by Sanusi S. Abdullahi,
National Council for Arts and Culture, Garki-Abuja 

Every Nigerian has the absolute right to hold his opinion on what is referred to as Boko Haram. From daily analyses of what Nigerians believe it to be, three different viewpoints could be deduced.

The first group are of Nigerians that believe Boko Haram is ‘original’. The second group believes it to be ‘commercial’, while the third believe it to be ‘political’.

The first are seen as the original Boko Haram that is out to seek redress, through violence, because of the alleged extrajudicial killings of its leaders and members.

The second group is seen as those that hide under the umbrella of the Boko Haram, to profit financially for themselves through threats and extortions of their victims, who, in most cases are highly-placed individuals.

The third group are seen as those Northern politicians that hide under the banner of the group to settle scores with political enemies, Northerners that want to bring down Goodluck Jonathan’s government or Southerners who harbour separatist ideology.

The Federal Government should stand firm it its proposal to dialogue with the ‘Original’ Boko Haram soonest, so that all the others would fizzle out naturally and we can have lasting peace again. Every problem has its peculiar solution. Government officials should not believe in the American way of ‘war on terrorism’ in addressing this challenge. It seems that formula is not working here; and it won’t work in the long run.

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