Monday, January 23, 2012

Why compare Boko Haram with Niger Delta militants?

23 January 2012

THE Niger Delta militants fought the injustices perpetrated against the Niger Deltans in their fatherland, over their God-given wealth. If the wealth had been found in the North, East or Western parts of the country, I know people from those parts of the nation would not have agreed to share it with the Niger Deltans. This January, alone, N550bn of Niger Delta’s money is to be shared by the three tiers of government.

Every month, we see state governors go cap in hand to Abuja to collect their own share of the money. They do not have any other businesses they could venture into, to generate income for their states. They do not even bother to try.

Now, we have decided that we will not allow the government to use the oil wealth of the Niger Delta to fund or finance the Boko Haram. Let the North generate funds to finance their Boko Haram.

The other five regions of Nigeria have plundered and squandered the wealth of the Niger Delta people for too long and too much. Enough is enough.

After 50 years of togetherness with the other five regions, which did not favour the Niger Deltans, we must follow the United Nations’s resolution, which allows for our self-determination. Let each region fend for itself from now on.

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