Friday, January 27, 2012

The Thrills and Frills of Subsidy Protests

This Day
22 January 2012

The six-day national strike and protest against the withdrawal of petrol subsidies by the federal government may have come and gone. But the thrills and frills of the strike will linger for some time to come..


Lessons Learnt

Many Nigerians believe that the most important lesson learnt from the strike is than Nigerians despite their differences can be united for common purposes, a phenomenon that can be used for forging unity in the country. "Nigerians have never been as united as this," Adekunle Adeoye, a student who was part of the Ojota rally told THISDAY.

It also brought the creativity in the citizenry and despite the hardship and inconvenience many went through, the expression of hope in the country has never been expressed as during the six-day strike and protests.

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