Saturday, January 28, 2012

Text of Boko Haram Broadcast in connection with the event in Kano
28 January 2012

First 30 seconds of clip is opening prayer in Arabic.
Brothers and Sisters in Islam, May Peace be upon you.
Grace be to God.

This briefing is begun in the name of Allah. This is an in-depth briefing released to the muslim community of this land, known in its entirety as Nigeria.
Particularly to the people of Kano State, to them, I issue this briefing as a dispatched message.  Also, for the benefit of those generally interested in the certainty of what we do.

Well, Grace be to God!  Brothers and Sisters, this briefing is not issued in vain. But done so because we received certain messages which are shrouded in ambiguity. So we ask,  what is the clarity behind this message?   Certainly, Almighty God, the bearer of the universe, He who owns everything and everyone, has dominion over everyone, He who delivers on the promised, He has victory over everyone, He witnesses what transpires on this land and He knows on whose side truth stands.

God hears the lies that the President of this country, that is the leader of a militant group of people of this country that have gone astray from the path of God, . . . . God has witnessed his lies. I am referring to Jonathan!  I don’t mean anybody else but that person called Goodluck Jonathan, that’s who I am referring.  Without doubt, God has heard his lies!  God heard also the lies told by his followers, meaning those who aid him in his lies.

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