Sunday, January 29, 2012

Somali Trained Nigerian Suicide Bombers Arrive Nigeria, Kabiru Sokoto In Niger Republic

This report is not confirmed.

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28 January 2012

Information recently made available to from source within the ranks of the terrorist Islamic group, the Boko Haram indicates not all is well with the federal governmentof Nigeria and it’s call to dialogue. The Islamic group has began preparations for another grand attack. Intelligence reports confirmed by Boko Haram source point the next attack at one of the northern states near the Bauchi tri state area.

Bauchi State was supposed to have been “destroyed” immediately following the black friday attack on Kano State. Personalities within the State government of Bauchi State calmed tensions. They approached the terrorist and suggested dialogue – of which - the source admitted that they stopped and dispatched their men to Kano to assist complete some “remaining assignment”.  It is not certain the extent the Bauchi State government reached to have placated the Boko Haram. What is certain is the group’s determination to ‘destroy’ Bauchi State once the operation in Kano State has been completed.

Adding the international linkage to Somalia, [the second home of the Al Qaeda king pin, Osama Bin Laden] is the ungaurded threat that ”we are 38 here, 109 more of us are coming from Somali ready for sucide missions. We want to destroy Nigeria, not separate Nigeria. Our men are already in Onitsha, in Lagos and Port Harcourt”. Adding also that ”the River Niger Bridge can be ‘done with’”.
This development, the State Security Service [SSS] in Awka confirms.  They have received intelligence pointing to Boko Haram activity near the River Niger Bridge. The SSS deputy director said the agents are monitoring the situation.
Meanwhile, the escaped mastermind of the Christmas Day bombing at Madalla, Suleja, Niger State, according to the source, has moved to Niger Republic to a town near Diffa - where he is well protected. Presently engaged in the planing of more sucide attacks against the police, prominent politicians and religious clerics [both christians and moslems] of Nigeria.

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