Monday, January 16, 2012

Soldiers Shoot To Disperse 'Occupy' Protesters In Lagos As Nigerian Secret Police Raids CNN's Office

Sahara Reporters
16 January 2012

Soldiers deployed by Nigeria's head Goodluck Jonathan forcefully dispersed protesters around the city of Lagos today. Several protesters were dispersed by heavily armed soldiers shooting live bullets above their heads leading to mayhem as the protesters scampered to safety. Several protesters marched on Lagos streets in defiance of earlier orders by the government to prevent further protests.

Mr. Jonathan had slightly reduced prices of gasoline during an early state address in the morning, but protesters rejected the unilateral reduction and went on the streets to protest against the policy withdrawing fuel subsidy by the Nigerian government. Soldier had flooded Lagos streets since last night, dismantling public address systems put in place by the Save Nigeria Group at the popular square named after late Lagos lawyer, gain Fawehinmi.

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