Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Revolution that Will Certainly Be!

Sahara Reporters
9 January 2012

The Revolution that Will Certainly Be!
Peter Claver Oparah

In the wake of the truncation and brutal abortion of what should be regarded as Nigeria’s brightest opportunity to shake off the recurrent liabilities dishonest, ultra corrupt, purblind and inept leadership had yoked on them since independence, by the conspiratorial treachery of the same government and its pseudo labour leaders collaborators, the urgency to shake off the malignant tumour a compromised labour has constituted in the fight for the freedom of Nigerian people has arisen. The groundswell of civil society angst that fueled the last revolt against governmental insensitivity was reprehensibly compromised and the entire action ended as huge anti climax with the Nigerian masses being burdened with a huge additional fuel tax of N32!

Nigerian masses, who have invested tremendous faith in the labour leaders to drive the botched protest, were shell shocked at the sheer demonstration of plain cant by the labour leaders as they connived with an unfeeling government to rob the Nigerian people of their finest opportunity to square even with the devastating leadership that has led Nigeria’s astronomic decline in the midst of astounding plenty. The deployment of soldiers by a clueless and brainless government merely complements a deep-layered conspiracy to ensure Nigerians are made to bear the brunt of the elastic greed and rapine slouch of their leaders, in the guise of fuel subsidy removal. It is very certain that not even all the armed forces of the world will still the rising temper of Nigerians as they grapple with the unending blight of official stealing and insensate corruption’ of the genre that birthed the present effort by Jonathan and his merry making government and their cabal cronies to mint the blood of Nigerians for the satiation of their greed.

With the painful development and with the loudly expressed shock at the bizarre  compromise that attended the latest imposition

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