Monday, January 9, 2012

NLC Message To Washington DC Protesters

NLC Message To Washington DC Protesters
9th January, 2012

Dear Compatriots!
On behalf of the Nigerian labor movement I wish to thank you for standing in Solidarity with us as we begin our nation-wide strike protesting our government's decision to remove fuel subsidies resulting in a  more than doubling for fuel costs overnight.

This action was taking without adequate consultation and without regard for the well being of the Nigerian people and will adversely affect the working class in our country.

It is precisely because the policy prescriptions of the World Bank and IMF are swallowed whole by our government without regard for the socio-economic impacts on our people that we find ourselves in this situation today.
Let me assure you that the Nigerian Labour Movement will not back down in this struggle. We will not allow this assault against the working class in our country to continue unopposed. In the days ahead we are very concerned about the conduct of the security forces in Nigeria as it relates to our people protesting this decision by government.

We appreciate that you have brought our voice to the World Bank and IMF so that they know that we are not alone in our struggle.

We thank you for your solidarity and support.
An Injury to One is an injury to all

Owei Lakemfa
Acting General Secretary
Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC)

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