Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lagos Govt: We Didn’t Ask For Soldiers

PM News
20 January 2012

Lagos State Government has debunked the claim by Nigeria’s military authorities that the deployment of soldiers on the streets of Lagos is at its request.

In a statement issued last night, the of Government dubbed the accusation as false and misleading.

“The State Government challenges the Military authorities to show proof of the request of troop deployment to the streets of Lagos State.

”Instead of simply taking the honourable path by apologizing to the people of Lagos for an unpopular act, they have resorted to offering spurious and bogus claims aimed at deceiving the people.

”That this claim is coming four days after the Governor’s address, which he followed with a letter to the Presidency, is an obvious afterthought. It is also inconsistent with the explanation offered by the Minister of Defence who said that they deployed the soldiers in order to prevent a breakdown of law and order.

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