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January 21, 2012



The Nigerians in Diaspora Organization in the Americas (NIDOA), the apex and umbrella organization of all Nigerians residing in both the North and South American continents, including the Caribbean, strongly and unequivocally condemns the recent bomb blasts in the city of Kano which occurred yesterday.  Such a despicable act of cowardice has no place in Nigeria and in the world of today. We hereby call on all Nigerians, all men and women of valor, both home and abroad, to stand together in discouragement, condemnation and even gallantry in the face of this atrocity, but more importantly too, to ensure that the perpetrators of this devilish act face the full weight of the law.

We stand in solidarity with Nigeria to mourn with the families of those who lost their loved ones to the bombs of the cowards. We supplicate to God to grant each family the fortitude to bear the loss. As we continue to pray for the full and complete recovery of those injured by the bombs, NIDOA also uses this opportunity to call on the Nigerian Government to be very swift with their reaction to this yet another sad development in the country’s history.

It was not long ago that we issued three similar press releases, almost one after the other on the bombing of the United Nations building, the Police Headquarters and the Christmas day church bombing, enough is enough.  It has become clear that whatever security system the Federal Government has put in place, has failed.  In this recent bombing, the Police Area Command was successfully targeted.  If the police cannot even protect themselves and their places of work, how then can they protect the innocent civilians?  It is even more disheartening that when these culprits are apprehended, they are able to escape from police custody without even having their pictures taken by the police.  These most recent sorry developments call for a change in direction and strategy.  The Government must show seriousness of intent by letting heads roll within the Police Department and capturing and fully prosecuting these culprits.  The consequence of failure in this regard is both unthinkable and unacceptable.   

Again, NIDOA stands ready to provide experts to work with the Federal Government as need be, to improve the security of the country. Meantime, the generality of the masses needs to be educated to be extremely vigilant, as they go about their daily businesses. As stated earlier, NIDOA strongly and unequivocally condemns this act of cowardice.  Enough is enough.

Gabeokoye                                   Zainabsheni                            Ganiyudada
Chief Gabe Okoye                   Madam Zainab Sheni                  Mr. Ganiyu Dada
Secretary, BOD                        PRO, BOD                                    Chairman, BOD

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