Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Issue is Not Subsidy Withdrawal, but Corruption

Daily Trust
19 January 2012

Tyagher Terungwa


President Jonathan and his Team should note that many Nigerians are not against the removal of fuel subsidy but they are not sure of Government sincerity and ability to stop the looters from looting the funds that will be saved from the subsidy removal.

If Jonathan and his Team are sincere and serious they should first fight corruption in the Country especially in the oil industry. The first thing to do is to publish the names of Companies that have been found wanting in the oil deals with the names of their Directors. Nigerians want to know them. Secondly, the current management of PPPRA and the NNPC from GM above be sacked and new persons/management team be appointed to take over these agencies. If they remain in these positions nothing will be achieved as they will continue to manipulate things to cheat and loot at the detriment of Nigerians. With these moves, Nigerians will have little confidence in the Govt and the SURE Program

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