Saturday, January 21, 2012

‘How Boko Haram suspect escaped’

21 January 2012

Zakari Biu, the police commissioner, who was fingered in the escape of Kabir Sokoto, actually went to where the suspect was being kept and asked that he (the suspect) be handed over to him, an investigation has shown.

Sokoto is the prime suspect in the Madalla Christmas Day bombing in which 43 worshippers were killed.

A competent police source told SATURDAY PUNCH on Friday that when the suspect was arrested last Saturday at the Borno State Liaison Office in Abuja, he was taken to the police station at Abaji.

The policemen, who were on night duty subsequently took him to the cell of the Special Anti-robbery squad.

He was said to be awaiting interrogation when Biu suddenly emerged on Monday morning and asked that the suspect be handed over to him, as he claimed that he was under an instruction to search the suspect’s house in Abuja.

The source said, “We were on duty when the suspect was brought here and handed over to the most senior officer on duty. We took him to SARS for debriefing.

“But surprisingly, Biu came and said he wanted to take him away for interrogation and as a senior officer, we had no reason to deny him.

“But we were surprised when we heard that he (suspect) had escaped from police custody. The pertinent questions are: who authorised Biu to take the suspect away and how did the mob that attacked the police suddenly appear?

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