Saturday, January 21, 2012

Development communication strategy for government’s oil subsidy removal

African Examiner
21 January 2012

By Kunle Ogedengbe

Development is simply a shift from the conditions which are no longer
conducive to those considered to be conducive to society, according to
Prof. Andrew Moemka. Since it is the duty of the government to make life
more meaningful for its citizens, government should ensure adequate
communication of its movement from a bad situation to a good one. This
is because development is not half way but a complete paradigm shift
which must bring about a better condition of life not a worst one. No same
human being sees a better prospect and look elsewhere!

Development communication is the application of communication
principles to the development process. Nigerians want a better way of life
as promised by the government in the Subsidy Reinvestment and
Empowerment (SURE) Programme which the government promised will
be funded by the gained fund from the removed subsidy from the
downstream sector of the petroleum industry. The question is: did the
government manage the communication of the subsidy removal very well?
The obvious answer from most Nigerians including the labour, civil society
and the generality of the masses is that the communication was poor.

Then what should have been the action of government?

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