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8 JANUARY 2012


Conference of Nigerian Political Parties {CNPP} after a critical review of President Goodluck Jonathan’s speech last night came to the inevitable conclusion that he got it wrong, squandered the hopes raised by his timely address and regrettably made truth the first casualty in the unfolding national crisis.

President Jonathan said, ‘On assumption of office as president, I swore to an oath to always act in the best interest of the people. I remain faithful to that undertaking’.

We are at a loss how President Jonathan is acting in the best interest of the people when in the heat of high tension in the country, a crisis threatening our democracy and corporate existence and which has exposed his gross incapacity to handle; he insensitively and recklessly unleashes an economic policy which downgrades the welfare of the people sharply as evidenced by increase in transport fares, goods and services across the board, after the withdrawal of fuel subsidy.

We are in doubt whether Mr President is aware of the refugees upsurge across the country and the threat of the Christian Association of Nigeria to resort to self-help; which not only means lost of confidence in his capacity to protect and defend them, but may simulate sectarian crisis of unimaginable proportion.

CNPP is of the candid view that it is not too late in the day for President Jonathan to reverse the fuel price to N65 and then face squarely the worsening security situation in the country; so as to save our fledgling democracy and our dear country now. Agreed with his hawks that his ego will be bruised, but the survival of democracy and our dear country is more paramount than his personal ego.

Whereas, we welcome the pronouncement of reduction in the cost of governance; however the main issue in contention is the rampant corruption and fraudulent jumbo increase in fuel subsidy from N261 billion in 2006 to N648 billion in 2008 and which more painfully spiraled under President Jonathan’s watch from N622 billion in December 2010 to N1.4 trillion in December 2011.

The 2011 Federal Government Budget duly appropriated N248 billion for fuel subsidy; which means that N1.15 trillion was withdrawn from the Federation Account in clear contravention of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

 President Jonathan instead of rhetorically mouthing that, ‘we are greatly concerned about the issue of corruption’, must account for the N1.15 trillion stolen fund today or tomorrow.

Nigerians need to know who authorized the withdrawal of N1.15 trillion from the Federation Account, since he acts in our best interest; for the missing N1.5 trillion is more than 25% reduction of the basic salaries of all political office holders for ten years.  This is the stronger measure to fight the rampant corruption in the management of fuel subsidy than untimely withdrawal of the so called subsidy.

The National Assembly as a matter of urgent national importance in view of the incontrovertible evidence that the issue at stake is the monumental corruption which bedeviled the management of fuel subsidy must resolve in favour of N65 per litre of Premuim Motor Spirit {PMS} and direct the Executive arm accordingly.

In sum, to avoid the mother of all Mass Action, President Jonathan must direct the PPPRA to issue a statement reversing the fuel price to N65 to avoid the dire consequences; instead of relying on falsehood of hawks in his regime who maintain that the Mass Action will fizzle out in few days.

Osita Okechukwu

National Publicity Secretary


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