Monday, January 23, 2012

Boko Haram: 'Why We Struck In Kano'
22 January 2012

The dreaded Islamic militants Sunday said they struck Kano because the authorities failed to honour their demands to release their incarcerated members. Explaining in detail why they struck in Kano, the Boko Haram’s spokesperson Abul Qaqa, today told journalists in a telephone interview that Kano State Government should be held responsible for the continued incarceration of its members and innocent persons. He said they have given the government ample time to set free their fellows to no avail hence the decision to strike and prove its worth to the government and security agencies.

Qaqa added that they will not relent in fighting for the rights of their members, many of whom he said are innocently held and that Nigerian government will continue to pay for the continued oppression and killing of innocent Muslims in the country.

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