Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boko Haram: And the mass exodus begins

29 January 2012

Whenever the popular saying “when there is life there is hope” is said, not many seem to know the full grasp but not residents of Kano. Many people that witnessed last Friday attack of the ancient city by members of the Boko Haram, would not fail to remember that the fear of Boko Haram is the beginning of mapping out strategy to avert irreparable losses of lives and properties.

Virtually all motor parks in the ancient city of Kano were jam-packed with hundreds of people trooping every day into different motor parks in Kano station to board buses and other vehicles to various destinations.

It will be recalled that the Christian Association Nigeria (CAN) Kano chapter, while addressing pressmen on the catastrophe of Boko Haram invasion on Kano, called on non indigenes not to flee the city.

“We have received tremendous support from Muslims in the state who have continued to assure us that they were not part of these dastardly acts.”

The body however called on both religions and traditional rulers to use their positions to dialogue with Boko Haram because they were not spirits or special creatures, saying “they are eating, drinking and living within us, so they are visible to some extent.”

However, as relatives were claiming the corpses of their loved ones from respective hospitals, it has been hinted that there may be a mass burial for few corpses that would eventually remain unclaimed.

The late Bob Marley sang ‘exodus, movement of the people,’ and in Kano the song is being played out on a daily basis since the first day of the blast. The question is when would the present exodus of the people stop?

Exodus:We’re Leaving Babylon We’re Going to Our Father’s Land!

Bob Marley’s song Exodus (Movement of Jah People)

And look within
Are you satisfied
With the life you’re living?
We know where we going
We know where we’re from
We’re leaving Babylon
We’re going to our Father’s land.

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