Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why negotiation with Boko Haram is impossible, by AVM Ararile

13 November 2011

In Special Report ..
By DANIEL IDONOR,  Assistant News Editor

Aside from his other many postings and appointments, Air Vice Marshal Lucky Ochuko Ararile (rtd) was,until his recent retirement from the Nigerian Air Force, the coordinator of the Amnesty Programme for ex-militants in the Niger-Delta.

In this interview, AVM Ararile bares his mind on several national issues including the amnesty, development of the Niger-Delta, Boko Haram and the general insecurity in Nigeria. Excerpts:

As the Coordinator of the Federal Government Amnesty Programme, what is the entire programme all about?

The programme was designed to bring peace to the Niger Delta. It involved disarming the militants, reintegrating them into society and, more importantly, addressing the key issues that led to the agitations in the first place. Proposals for the amnesty were made by various individuals. But the report by the technical committee on the Niger Delta headed by Mr Ledun Mitee was the most detailed. But I think the then Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Paul Dike, was the person who finally got the President then to accept the proposal. The President thereafter set up a planning committee and subsequently an implementation committee. It was at this stage that I came in. I was not in the planning committee per say...

Read on .. very interesting interview...

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