Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oil Spill Sparks Fire in Bayelsa Community

Leadership (Abuja)
10 November 2011

There was panic yesterday among indigenes of the Ikarama and Okordia Communities of Yenagoa local government area of Bayelsa State when a huge fire broke out due to an oil spill on the major transporting line for crude oil on the Okordia /Rumuekpe manifold. The line is explored by the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)

The fire caused panic and mass evacuation of indigenes to a safer distance to avoid a spread and possible destruction of lives and property. The oil spill happened on Monday but the fire began yesterday morning at about 200 meters from Okordia manifold in Yenagoa locality.

The oil spill was confirmed by an environmental group known as Environmental Right Action (ERA) and Friends of the Earth Nigeria (FoEN).

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