Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Intelligence Failure? How Boko Haram's Plot in Yobe Succeeded

13 November 2011


It was brazen yet effective. In less than 24hours, over 150 people had been killed. A spokesman for the BOKO HARAM, using the name Abul_Qaqa, who spoke hours after witnesses reported "scenes of carnage" vowed that "more attacks are on the way.

"We will continue attacking federal government formations", he threatened, "until security forces stop their excesses on our members and vulnerable civilians," Abul_Qaqa said in an interview with newsmen.

Yet, there appeared to have been sufficient intelligence which suggested that the Sallah weekend would be bloody as members of the Ahlan Sunnah Lid Da'waati wal Jihad Yaanaa (brothers), also known as the Boko Haram sect would strike. Though the intelligence provided hinted at a strike by the sect, it was not target specific.

So, what happened?

A source informed Sunday Vanguard that had "the so called intelligence provided been target specific, officers and men of the police force would have prepared for an effective response. And even the way and manner the sect members struck in Damaturu, they were able to do so because they knew the geography, topography and everything about the state".

Information available to Sunday Vanguard points in the direction of not only intelligence failure but a gap in operational co-ordination as being responsible for the seeming success recorded by members of the sect. In fact, the vengeance of not being able to carry out their strike in Borno State was what was visited on Damaturu, the Yobe State capital.

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