Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Governor Amechi and the billions of oil revenue accruing to Rivers State

29 October 2011

Written by Ata Ikiddeh    

Our dear friends from Rivers State, it's been 9 months since your Governor took our State's 86 oil wells while still demanding over N300 billion oil revenue refund. Governor Amechi must have dreamt of the trillions of naira that would accrue to his coffers. Well gentlemen the reverse is the case, because  either the 86 oil wells out of annoyance at the injustice meted to us, have dried up, or your dear Governor Amechi is playing 'tombo tombo lascalabar' with the billions of oil revenue accruing into the River State treasury- because how else can we explain it, we the victim of this daylight judicial  robbery  have grown in leaps and bounds with a more healthy economy while Governor Amechi wiith the trillions of naira from our 86 oil well, in addition with hundreds of originally owned oil wells, has been registered as having one of the most unhealthy economy in the country

Can you beat that, your Rivers State has been recorded as having one of the most unhealthy economy, while Akwa Ibom State is recorded as having one of the strongest regional economy in the country.

Rivers State, Lesson No1 and perhaps the only lesson. Oil will not make you guys rich. It is the prudent management of your resources ,this is the gateway to wealth and sustainable development.

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